Responsible Reward: Top 10 tips to get Reward professionals started now

BY CORINNE CARR No matter the economic or political climate, now is the right time to think about Responsible Reward. The fact is, there’s always a more ‘pressing’ HR issue to put out elsewhere. [...]

Right Now: Putting the Human into Human Resources (20 March 2020)

Right now, I know that you’re fire-fighting in this unprecedented situation, and I’d like to offer you some support. I’m finding it’s important to remember that our role as Reward professionals [...]

Equal Pay Audits (EPAs) – What They Are & Why You Need One (13 March 2020)

Despite legislation being put in place in 1970, there is still hard evidence that unequal pay remains a problem in the UK in 2020. So much so, that a major campaign, #MeTooPay, spearheaded by [...]

The #MeTooPay Movement – Stamping Out Unequal Pay For Good (6 March 2020)

The #MeTooPay Movement – Stamping Out Unequal Pay For Good This Sunday, 8th March, people around the world will be celebrating International Women’s Day. One might wonder why, in today’s age, we [...]


As Responsible Reward is attracting more and more interest from both investors and corporates, articles and videos are being produced on the topic. I recently came across one which I felt was [...]

Corinne Carr interviewed by REBA (17 February 2020)

The privileged position of reward practitioners to be a force for good By Dawn Lewis “Responsible reward is a growing trend in executive pay which links organisations’ sustainability and [...]

CORINNE CARR IN FT IGNITES EUROPE – BlackRock ‘raises the bar’ on climate change (15 January 2020)

By Dawn Cowie: BlackRock’s bid to become a leader in tackling climate change will put pressure on rivals but does not go far enough, campaigners say. In a letter to clients yesterday, BlackRock [...]

CORINNE CARR IN FT IGNITES EUROPE – Pressure mounts on firms to link bonuses to ESG (3 January 2020)

By Dawn Cowie: Asset managers face growing pressure to link employee bonuses to environmental, social and governance targets. Calls from institutional clients, regulators, investee companies and [...]

FINANCIAL TIMES – Corinne Carr comments on equal pay cases (20 September 2019)

By Eva Szalay BNP Paribas employee subjected to ‘direct sex discrimination and victimisation’ When Stacey Macken arrived at work at the main London office of BNP Paribas one morning in 2013, she [...]

PODCAST: The Evidence-Based Investor Ep 27: Corinne Carr and Luke Hildyard on excessive pay

The latest hashtag#TEBI Podcast is now online and tackles the thorny issue of excessive executive pay. Why is it such a problem? And could fund managers be doing more to challenge the firms [...]

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