Asset Owners

As an asset owner, you have the fiduciary duty to invest your members’ and clients’ savings responsibly to provide them with the monies they will need for retirement, to pass on to their beneficiaries or for any other life project that is important to them. You may manage these investments yourself or call on the services of asset managers to do it on your behalf.

From the hundreds of investment firms on the global market, how do you know which ones will optimise long-term financial returns without compromising on your values?

At PeopleNet, we believe that the selection criteria should include the following:

  • Asset managers that initiate, sign up to and efficiently implement responsible investment initiatives;
  • Asset managers that require their investees to embed material extra-financial (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance indicators into their business, sustainability and remuneration strategies;
  • Asset managers whose own remuneration strategy reflects their responsible investment performance.

A strong link between business, sustainability and remuneration strategies filters out the firms that are just saying what others want to hear and those who are genuinely committed to responsible investments to create sustainable returns and global impact.

Asset Owners

Progressive Asset Managers