As a responsible organisation, your business is to create sustainable returns by attracting, retaining and incentivising leaders and employees to design and produce goods and services that your customers want to buy.

To achieve this, you understand that your long-term success relies on the:

  • positive impact of your business on the physical environment in which you operate;
  • safe and trusting relationships you create with the internal and external communities whom you serve and that serve you;
  • protection of the digital assets you hold to ethically conduct your business.

At PeopleNet, we believe that you become an employer of choice when:

  • Your business strategy contains financial and material extra-financial performance indicators (Environmental, Social and Governance factors);
  • Your sustainability strategy is clearly articulated and includes regular, accurate and comprehensive internal and external reporting;
  • Your short-term and long-term incentive pay structures incentivise and reward your leaders and employees to achieve your sustainability agenda.

A strong link between your business, sustainability and remuneration strategies allows you to attract the capital and people you need and deserve to create and develop a responsible business.

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