Corporate Governance Professionals

As a responsible employer, you aim to create sustainable financial returns by attracting, retaining and incentivising leaders and employees to design, produce and sell goods and services that your customers want to keep on buying. You understand that how you do business impacts how much you make.

To achieve this, your long-term success relies on:

  • positively impacting the environment in which you operate;
  • safe and trusting relationships with your internal and external stakeholders;
  • being a good corporate citizen.

I believe that you become an employer of choice when:

  • Your business strategy contains financial as well as extra-financial  objectives;
  • Your sustainability strategy is well-defined with measurable key Environmental, Social and Governance performance indicators;
  • Your remuneration strategy is designed to incentivise and reward your leaders and employees to achieve your business and sustainability agenda.

A strong link between your business, sustainability and remuneration strategies allows you to attract the capital, partners, and people you need to create and develop a responsible business.

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Corporate Governance Professionals