As a responsible investor, your business is to invest your clients’ savings responsibly to provide them with the monies they will need for retirement, to pass on to their beneficiaries or for any other life project that matters to them.

To achieve this, you must:

  • Compete with hundreds of investment firms on the global market to retain existing mandates and win new ones;
  • Optimise long-term financial returns whilst mitigating risks;
  • Clearly articulate your expectations of portfolio companies and consequences if they do not meet them.

At PeopleNet, we believe that you will stand out from the competition and become an investor of choice when:

  • you engage with your investees to understand which material extra-financial (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance indicators are embedded into their business and remuneration strategies;
  • you align your engagement, voting and investment strategies to create long-term value for you, your clients and your portfolio;
  • you demonstrate your commitment and success by ensuring that your own remuneration structures reflect expectation sof others.

A strong link between business, sustainability and remuneration strategies filters out the greenwashers and those firms who are genuinely committed to responsible investments to create sustainable financial returns as well as positive environmental and societal impact.

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