Interim Reward

In 2017, I introduced the terminology of ‘Responsible Reward’ to the market to describe the integration of remuneration and sustainability. Back then, it was an emerging concept. Now, it’s on everyone’s radar.

If you’re a senior in-house HR or reward professional who believes it’s important to save the planet, look after your employees and customers, and stay on the right side of regulations whilst making more sales, then please register your interest in my free monthly Responsible Reward masterclasses.

It will be of most value to you if you’re planning to strenghten the link between your remuneration and sustainability strategies.

During these 90 minutes packed full of valuable insights, we will be covering:
• What Responsible Reward is about
• Goals and challenges of linking remuneration and sustainability
• Examples of good practices
• Pitfalls to avoid
• The E.A.R.T.H.® framework

The link to the session will be emailed to you once your place has been confirmed. As this is an interactive masterclass (not a webinar), places are limited. Please use this link to register your interest and receive the log in details.

See you there!

With every project I undertake, I follow my simple five-step proprietary E.A.R.T.H.® methodology:

  • ‘E’ EVALUATE the current situation;
  • ‘A’ ASCERTAIN desired objectives and outcomes;
  • ‘R’ REALISE changes needed;
  • ‘T’ TELL the story;
  • ‘H’ HELP monitor progress and results.






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