Responsible Reward Upskilling

We organise regular events with investors and corporates to discuss current remuneration and sustainability issues. In addition, we also run training courses:


Demystifying executive pay for Governance specialists

Each year, you spend several months reviewing complex and expensive executive pay proposals and making important decisions which impact your bottom line and your clients’ investments.

And yet, you would benefit from support to perform this critical task. Perhaps you’re new in role, or would like a refresher and without this support, you will:

  • continue ploughing through pages of Directors’ Remuneration Reports (DRRs) without knowing what to look out for;
  • risk missing regulatory requirements; and
  • ask no questions, or ask the wrong questions, leading to a lack of engagement with your investee companies, discontent and potential damaging reputational risk for you and them.

By attending this event, you’ll gain:

  • increased clarity by demystifying a complex subject;
  • increased confidence when collaborating with internal team members and engaging withexternal stakeholders on executive pay matters; and
  • the ability to transfer knowledge learned on the course back to your firm.

The training will cover:

  • Current and forthcoming regulations and guidelines applicable to executive pay within FTSE organisations;
  • A detailed analysis of the Directors’ Remuneration Report;
  • The five steps of the E.A.R.T.H.® methodology used to analyse executive pay proposals (Evaluate, Ascertain, Realise, Tell and Help);
  • How to review and interpret voting policies and remuneration guidelines;
  • Case studies of good (and not so good) practices; and
  • Many insights that you can only gain from an experienced executive pay practitioner

This is a one-day course (9am – 5pm) where you will have the opportunity to bring your own voting policy and remuneration guidelines and present them to other attendees for discussion, if you wish.

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Responsible reward for Governance specialists and remuneration professionals

If you’ve already completed the “Demystifying Executive Pay for Governance Specialists” course or have a good understanding of Directors’ Remuneration Reports, then this course will take you to the next level, at the cutting edge of remuneration thinking and practices, to create sustainable investment opportunities and ultimately, support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsible Reward is a growing remuneration trend in the UK and globally. It forges a link between business, sustainability and remuneration strategies by integrating extra-financial measures (Environmental, Social and Governance) into incentive pay structures, starting at the executive level and all the way down the organisation.

By doing so, senior management and employees become accountable to a wider range of stakeholders not just on how much the business has made but how the revenue was made. They also have to demonstrate how the business has positively impacted the environment.

You will benefit from this course if you’re working for a firm that has, or is developing, a sustainability agenda to attract customers, suppliers, investors and, of course, leaders and employees to be an active player in the responsible investment chain.

Without this course, you will:

  • continue to look at remuneration on a short-term basis, paying leaders (and the wider workforce) for how much they make without considering the impact of their work and behaviours on society and the environment;
  • fail to understand the bigger picture of your firm’s wider societal purpose;
  • miss out on long-term investment opportunities to create global impact.

By attending this event, you will:

  • understand the future of executive pay;
  • learn about the responsible reward principles;
  • be able to transfer the knowledge gained on the course back to your own environment.

The training will cover:

  • An overview of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and an update of where the world is in relation to these goals;
  • UNsupported Principles for Responsible Investment and executive pay recommendations;
  • Specific Diversity initiatives that illustrate responsible reward principles;
  • The five steps of the E.A.R.T.H.® methodology used to implement responsible reward principles (Evaluate, Ascertain, Realise, Tell and Help);
  • Case studies; and
  • Many insights from a leader in responsible reward.

This is a one-day course (9am – 5pm) where you will have the opportunity to share your own remuneration policy and that of select firms you invest in for discussion with other attendees.

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