S3 E9: “PAYING FOR GOOD” PODCAST ON ‘Having a sustainability voice at the pensions table’ with Georgia Stewart, CEO of tumelo

“Have a sustainability voice at the pensions table”

18th MARCH 2021

Meet Georgia, Will and Ben, three young graduates from the University of Cambridge who campaigned for and influenced the sustainable investment of their university’s £6 billion investment fund. They funnelled their energy and interest in responsible investments into creating the fintech company ‘tumelo’ (‘believe’ in Swahili). Their new and progressive pension investment app is one of the tools in the Responsible Reward toolkit.

This week on my ‘PAYING FOR GOOD’ podcast, where we talk about remuneration and sustainability, Georgia Stewart, CEO of tumelo, reveals that there is a huge engagement deficit among members of work pension schemes. Millions of people are not even aware that they have a pension. Those who are conscious of it don’t always know where it’s invested, nor the impact they could have on sustainability issues with their ever-growing pension pot.

Tumelo has already secured partnerships with leaders in the responsible investment space. By integrating with their pension platforms, the app gives scheme members an alternative to divesting from companies that have question marks against their sustainability track record. It gives employees a voice and allows them to use their shareholder power as a force for good. Topics pension members can influence include, among others, human rights, animal welfare, the supply chain, climate change and gender equality.

The app allows pension members to:
• have a say on resolutions raised by institutional investors
• ask questions of companies where their pension is invested
• hear back from them directly.

When you listen to this episode, you will learn from Georgia how tumelo provides:
• employees with transparency about where their work pension is invested
• information on what companies their pension is invested in
• scheme members with a voice about sustainability issues at those companies.

Your action takeaway from Georgia:
HR/pensions professionals:
Tumelo would love to hear about the challenges you encounter when engaging with pension scheme members because it helps the development of its platform.

Investment professionals:
Tumelo provides you with data from underlying investors on how to vote on live and contentious issues on their behalf. Why not set up a free trial on the tumelo platform?

As always, if you have any questions on the topic of Responsible Reward, feel free to email me at client.care@peoplenet.ltd.uk or book an introductory call here.