It all started as a lockdown project back in 2020. We were all stuck indoors and my work went online overnight. I was wondering how to keep sharing my Responsible Reward insights with my network while keeping the personal touch. Creating a podcast about the fast-evolving topic of Responsible Reward, the intersection of remuneration and sustainability, was to be my new medium. The apt name ‘PAYING FOR GOOD’ came to mind instantly. It has since inspired others to use it too. 3 years later I’m delighted to say the podcast is still thriving!

It has attracted over 50 guest speakers from celebrities to academics and new tech platform owners, all with stories related to the world of Responsible Reward. Bearing in mind the Reward market is niche, it ranks in the top 30% of all podcasts on my hosting platform.

Over time the show has built an impressive evergreen library on the topics of:
• setting and managing base pay
• green benefits
• integration of sustainability into short- and long-term incentives
• responsible pension investments

At the end of each episode, I invite listeners to continue the conversation with the guest speaker on social media. All new episodes inform the content of my newsletter that week where I share relevant links and materials.

To stay at the cutting edge of Responsible Reward, I regularly listen to what people are talking and writing about. I invite and am approached by guest speakers whose stories I believe are both educational and motivational to my audience. Once the episode is live, I encourage them to share it with their network to promote their good work. My client work is another source of inspiration.

PAYING FOR GOOD has no adverts, which means no unwanted interruptions. I do not pay my guest speakers to take part nor do I receive payment for inviting them on the show. Hosting the podcast is one of my pro bono activities alongside my Reward consultancy work. I do it to promote the important role HR and Reward play in achieving local and global sustainability agendas. My far-reaching international audience is HR, corporate governance, and investment professionals.

Stay informed

If you enjoy audio content and you’re interested in Responsible Reward, please subscribe to PAYING FOR GOOD. Follow it on your preferred platform (Apple, Spotify, Google) so you get notified of each new episode. And please don’t forget to rate the podcast and leave a review. It increases awareness and ensures more people benefit from my guests’ wisdom.

If there are angles about Responsible Reward you’d like me to cover, please get in touch. I’d be particularly interested to speak to experts on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the Science Based Targets initiative.

Share your story

If you’d like to share your Responsible Reward success story or challenges on the show, please book a confidential exploratory call.

Remember that whatever sector you’re in and however big or small your organisation is, base pay, incentives, benefits, and pensions are all part of your Responsible Reward offering. By linking your remuneration and sustainability strategies, you become an employer, an investment, and an investor of choice.