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"You were absolutely fabulous!"

"Thank you so very much again for joining us as guest speaker in the "Social Impact: Business, Society, and the Natural Environment" course here at Columbia University and for sharing your valuable insights with the students!! You were absolutely fabulous! I received several messages from students mentioning how much they enjoyed your e-visit and that it was very informative. I agree -- many, many thanks!"

"We were impressed with her knowledge and the passion she had for the subject."

"As we prepared to host the Global HR Speaker Series from London, we wanted to find a speaker who would engage and get us to think about HR from a different angle.  We were introduced to Corinne by a colleague, who had previously heard her speak about the role of HR within the sustainability agenda.  During our initial call with Corinne she outlined how she would run a speaker session: by introducing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, relating them back to the Company’s sustainability report and highlight what HR already does and what they can do more of to support sustainability at Munich Re.  We were impressed with her knowledge and the passion she had for the subject.  In preparation for the session, Corinne thoroughly reviewed our sustainability report to ensure this was fully reflected in her comments.  The session itself was engaging and introduced the topic of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to many of our colleagues for the first time.  We had a number of questions from our colleagues globally about the information provided, and what more we could be doing within HR at Munich Re.  It really was food for thought and the start of more discussions on this very important topic."

"I would definitely work with Corinne again"

" I searched Linkedin to find a Remuneration Consultant who could work with me to review our Remuneration Policy Statement (RPS) and found Corinne’s profile. I was delighted to find a Rem Consultant who specialised in responsible reward and whose values were aligned to ours.

Corinne did everything that she promised to do and explained her reasoning so that we developed our understanding of the regulatory requirements. The RPS was quickly approved at our Remco as they could see the amount of thought and attention to detail that had gone into it.

I would definitely work with Corinne again and have no hesitation recommending her to others."

"Corinne took care of all regulatory reward matters for the Group"

"Corinne helped us over a period of two years with executive and regulatory reward matters until we appointed a permanent incumbent. She was instrumental in helping us to draft our Directors’ Remuneration Report with its Remuneration Policy Statement and Annual Remuneration Report financial disclosures.

Corinne took care of all regulatory reward matters for the Group, UK and Europe subsidiaries, and new acquisitions such as LCH (France and UK) and Russell Investments (US) with timely reporting and disclosures.

She liaised with other teams (Compliance, Legal, Company Secretariat etc.) and prepared all our Directors’ emoluments with accuracy.

Her work helped to put us on a strong footing until we recruited a new permanent member of our team."

"I found her technical knowledge exceptional."

"I worked with Corinne over several months at a well known investment bank in respect of IFPR Remuneration and the implementation of a new share plan. I found her technical knowledge exceptional and her approach always focused and pragmatic. Corinne has the ability to simplify complex data and explain it in very clear and understandable language. She is highly professional and can easily lead teams and manage time sensitive situations to meet objectives. It was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her."

"I highly recommend Corinne for her services"

"I worked for Corinne when she joined my Company to lead the implementation of the MIFIDPRU Remuneration Code, as well as lead the Reward team during a time of rapid change. As someone who had 'fallen' into Regulatory Reward in the last couple of years, and was still working in my first HR role, Corinne took the opportunity to share with me her vast experience, and a fresh perspective on how Reward can be used as a vehicle for change. She helped me to understand the principles and context behind the remuneration standards to which we are currently subject, whilst empowering me to independently analyse and respond to comment and challenge from senior leadership, including the Remuneration Committee. I am incredibly glad to have worked under Corinne, and for the plentiful lessons she managed to impart in the short time she was managing me. I highly recommend Corinne for her services and I look forward to the next time we encounter each other professionally!"

"Corinne supported us, acted as a sounding board and constructively challenged us where necessary"

"I’ve needed Corinne’s regulatory reward expertise twice over the past few years. We are a small Reward team and didn’t have the bandwidth to accommodate new remuneration requirements without external help.

The first time Corinne came to GAM, she assisted us with implementing CRD III and IV, UCITS V, and AIFMD regulations across our UK and European entities. She liaised with local representatives to identify which population was affected by which regulations. As we have several legal entities and the same employee can be caught by several regulations, this was a complex task. Her work allowed us to communicate with each employee confidently on how the regulations impact them and fulfil our European regulatory reward obligations. Corinne’s work is still in use today.

More recently, I invited Corinne to come back to GAM to help us with project and stakeholder managing the implementation of the UK Senior Manager & Certification Regime (SMCR). This time her role was to coordinate the impact of SMCR across the whole HR function: recruitment, operations, L&D and regulatory reward. She represented the HR function at weekly cross-functional meetings and kept us on track throughout the project with detailed tasks, timeline and deliverables for each one of us. She supported us, acted as a sounding board and constructively challenged us where necessary.

Her organised approach resulted in us being fully SMCR compliant by the implementation date of 9 December 2019!"

"I was impressed with her deep experience"

"Having met Corinne through various networking events, where I was impressed with her deep experience, I was delighted when Corinne and I started working together at EDF Energy.

I had recently joined the firm and needed help with designing the overall Reward strategy and embedding the team into their various newly created roles. Corinne assisted me with designing and implementing the Employee Value Proposition and explaining it to employee representatives.

Corinne was also influential in building the team spirit through the organisation of external events and the Reward Academy which she started for Reward and HR colleagues.

Corinne’s technical Reward skills came to the fore when she designed new pay scales and a grading structure and modelled its financial impact so that we knew how much the proposed changes would cost.

As a French national, Corinne was able to bridge the language and cultural gap between the Paris head-office and UK-based stakeholders. We made several trips to Paris together to meet with senior counterparts, explain our proposed Reward strategy to them and ensure it was agreed for our UK population.

A couple of years later, I called on Corinne’s services again, this time to review our executive population. I wanted to check that all senior roles up to Board level were properly defined, graded and compensated. Corinne worked closely with external provider Hay and her analytical work led to necessary changes in our executive team which clarified accountabilities and ensured appropriate compensation.

Please do contact me if you would like to discuss this endorsement further."

"This project set us on the right path for the ongoing implementation of these complex regulations year after year"

"I am based in the US and didn’t have a team member based in the UK at the time. So, I asked Corinne if she could help us with the implementation of AIFMD and UCITS remuneration requirements across all of our European entities. We have offices in the UK, France, Luxemburg and Ireland.

Corinne was the main contact to compile the regulatory disclosures requested by each local regulator, each with their own slight interpretation of the European regulations. Her French language skills were very useful when dealing with colleagues in Paris and Luxemburg, especially when it came to legal and regulatory matters.

This project set us on the right path for the ongoing implementation of these complex regulations year after year."

"I highly praise the quality of the supporting evidence Corinne provided."

"I got to know Corinne when PWC were appointed external auditors of the Jupiter account. My role was to ensure our client was compliant with all regulatory remuneration requirements.

To that extent, I worked closely with Corinne and needed her to provide us with accurate and prompt answers to our audit questions which related to very senior staff and Board members.

Due to her systematic and organised approach, she was able to do so very diligently. I highly praise the quality of the supporting evidence she provided.

She made our work much easier at what a stressful time of the year"